Stonewall Kitchen

Mustards by Stonewall Kitchen

These mustards are made from the best selection of stone-ground seeds and are a cook’s best-kept secret ingredient. They are used to add zest to a vinaigrette, blended into a dip for extra flavor or to use in everyday cooking.


Drink Mixers by Stonewall Kitchen

From classic margaritas to contemporary bloody marys, these cocktail mixers are full of flavor and ready to use.
24 fl oz.


Conversion Tables Tea Towel by Stonewall Kitchen

Sometimes cooking can be a real numbers game; especially when it comes to weights and measures. Now you don't have to stop what you're doing to look up common conversions for your recipes, just use this handy tea towel. You'll find a variety of useful mea


Grill and Steak Sauces by Stonewall Kitchen

These top- selling and award-winning grille sauces by Stonewall Kitchen are expertly crafted to add deliciously unique and savory flavor to grilled vegetables and meats.


Crackers by Stonewall Kitchen

Baked and delectably crisp, these hand-cut crackers go perfectly with any dip, soup, tapenade, cheese or spread and are wonderful right from the box. A pantry essential for snacking or quick and easy entertaining.

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