Sticky Quotes - Girl Power

Girl Power on Sticky Notes! 25 Unique Quotes in Every Pad! 50 Sheets in Total (Two of Each Quote)!
Ladies, you're strong, beautiful and empowered as it is; it's time to share that wonderful feeling with the world. As if your keen sense of style and fashi


Turkey on the Table

Did you know that gratitude is a learned behavior? Turkey on the Table® is a book & activity that encourages the whole family to express and display their gratitude. The goal is to turn thankfulness into a daily routine.


Sticky Quotes - Love Letters

Love Quotes on Sticky Notes! These love letters will transform an ordinary day into the most romantic of occasions. The adorable quotes will leave a lasting impression. Drop your name and number at the bottom of the note for that special someone.


Turkey on the Table Replacement Feathers

Stock up on feathers for next year! Also great way to use your turkey for the daily activity, plus for the guests on Thanksgiving day. Feathers can also be used as place cards and then added to turkey as people sit down to dinner.


Sticky Quotes - Peel Stick Inspire

Motivation on Sticky Notes! Are you experiencing a lack of motivation? Get ready for all of that to change with these instant happiness notes. It's as easy as peel, stick and inspire with these easily personalized stickies.


Milestone Stickers

These are perfect for any new parent! Put the sticker on your baby's onesie before you snap their picture! Don't just track age, remember the Milestones!!


Blanche Eyeglasses Catcher/Necklace - Coin Pearl

Now your favorite strand of pearls also guarantees that you'll never lose your glasses again. Simply hang your glasses through the gold bamboo ring and you're good to go!


Blanche Eyeglass Chain - Coin Pearl

Functional yet fashionable, the blanche eyeglass chain ensures you'll never misplace your glasses again.


Tooth Fairy Pillow - Pink

Sweater knit tooth fairy pillow features "Tooth" pocket on back and pink bow detail.


Tooth Fairy Pillow - Blue

Sweater knit tooth shaped pillow has stitched "Tooth Fairy" pocket on back to hold tiny teeth.

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