Classic MyIntent Bracelet

What’s your word? These classic bracelets are made of waxed nylon and have a slight shine. This is hand-weaved and engraved by artisans in Los Angeles.


Lily and Laura

LILY and LAURA® Bracelets are hand crocheted by our women in Nepal bead by bead. Our artisans create in the comfort of their homes and in the sunshine on their rooftop decks with their families nearby. The LILY and LAURA® business model is to pay above fa


Milestone and Celebration Birthday Bracelet

Simple chic milestone bracelets, perfect for celebrating every year of life.


Wire Love Cuff by Natural Life

Our Wire Cuff makes the perfect statement! Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this adorable "love" bracelet goes with just about everything!


Mens Matte Black Onyx with Gunmetal Pavé Accent by Oriana Lamarca

-8mm Faceted Matte Black Onyx

-Gunmetal Pavé Rondelle Accent

- Made with stretch cord

- Standard 7 3/4" length


Collin Bracelet by Fornash Designs

A slim tasteful bracelet with a hint of color: the Collin Bracelet.


Friendship Double-Linked Silk Bracelet by Dogeared

Embrace personal meaning in this anything-goes style. Create your own Modern Wrist with signature stacking and low-key layers. The friendship double-linked rings silk bracelet brings beautiful simplicity to this layered look with endless possibilities.


Enamel Twiggy Cuff by Fornash Designs

The Twiggy cuff is a slender and bold enamel cuff lined with gold which pairs beautifully with our other enamel pieces.

2 & 3/8" inside diameter
3/8" wide
Cuff bracelet


Sutton Bracelet by Fornash Designs

The bamboo nuggets give the Sutton Bracelet so much character. The perfect accessory to any outfit.


Valla Cuff by Moon and Lola

A monogram bracelet like no other - the Valla Cuff features our signature engraved monogram surrounded by emerald cut rhinestones for a sophisticated look.

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