Thank You, Mom

There’s so much to thank Mom for. A lifetime of love. Her care and commitment. For defining everything that family means. The quotes and statements in this elegant gift book are a wonderful way to tell Mom that everything she’s done matters.


In Loving Memory Book

What is the best way to comfort someone who has lost a loved one? This beautiful book of quotations is a gift that brings care and compassion for today and hope and healing for tomorrow.


You - Gift Book

This book offers a message of appreciation for anyone who makes a difference in the world around them—Tell them how appreciated they are with this collection that say bright and clear: you are one of a kind. You matter more than you even know.



There are certain people who bring a beautiful light to all that they do. This beautiful book reminds them to show their light because it is their gift to the world. That they should feel bold and bright in all they have to offer.


Believe Book

The start to a better world, a better job, a better relationship, or a better future is our belief that it is possible. This book reminds us that the future really does belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


She Book

The She book celebrates all the women in our lives. Mother, daughter, sister, or wife. Student, teacher, customer, or friend. Inspire, celebrate, and thank them with the She book.


Hello Someday Book

This is a book to inspire and celebrate your retirement. Filled with questions, inspirations, ideas, and activities to encourage new thinking and new possibilities, it celebrates everything you’ve accomplished so far and all that is still to come.


Find Your Happy Book

What makes you feel bright and vibrant and alive? Where do you find your happy? The answer to that question is yours. With this book, discover that happiness is a day by day, hour by hour journey.


Fight On Book

Today, decide to trust yourself. Decide to believe in your heart. Tell the small voice inside you’re giving it a chance. This vibrant gift book is a daily reminder for yourself or for any woman you love to be bold, be strong, and fight on.

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